3 Ways to Shrink Your Energy Bills

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As New Yorkers, we all know what summer feels like: hot, humid, and muggy. The only sanctuary is the nearest air-conditioned room. In fact, all seasons more or less begin and end with complaints. It’s too hot in the summer; it’s too cold in the winter, etc. As time wears on, and the complaints become redundant, we move on to electricity costs. This is the state of our planet, and according to New Scientist, it is not changing anytime soon. So what can we do about it?

Simple Solutions

Sure, we might adjust thermostats to 80 and invest thousands in energy-efficient appliances, but that’s not ideal for a number of reasons. It is costly, which is the opposite of our objective, and it’s just plain uncomfortable. Simple steps like using heat-generating appliances at night or washing laundry in cold water are more realistic. Thanks to modern technology, your new fancy washer can get the job done with cold water AND save you up to $152 per year!

Light Home Improvement

Let’s take slightly bigger steps in our search for savings. Consider your light bulbs. We all know we can save money by turning off the lights when we leave a room. A more prudent move would be to change your inefficient fluorescent lightbulbs to LED bulbs and save about $300 per year! The same way we wouldn’t fry bacon in sweltering heat to save on our AC costs, we shouldn’t live in the dark to save a few dollars. Since 2008, the cost of LED bulbs has fallen 85%, making it simple and accessible for anyone to switch. Most applications don’t require retrofitting or special fixtures of any kind.

Change a Few Habits

The biggest energy hogs for most people are obviously air-conditioning and heating. Could it be that we’re just unwilling to adapt to the seasons? Countless buildings are so frigid in the summer that a sweater or jacket is required to stay comfortable. Adjusting your thermostat to comfortable, but not freezing, temperatures is the simple solution. Smart thermostat’s like NEST allow you to program your home to monitor usage and automatically save energy when you’re out. Its useful interface also monitors carbon monoxide and smoke levels from your smartphone.

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These simple ideas and others will save you hundreds per year and are the easiest way to achieve short term savings. In the long term, however, Solar Power is by far the best option. Utility rates will continue to increase each year, just as they have for the past 20 years, and we’ll only have more electronic devices in our homes in the future. That’s why homeowners who want to save $10,000-$39,000 over the next 20 years have made the switch to solar. With $0 installation costs, sizable tax credits, and guaranteed fixed rates, you can beat the market by saying one word: Yes. Greenlight Solar gives you a guaranteed rate that is lower than your current bill and is fixed for the next 20 years. We take care of all the work; you enjoy all the savings.

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