About Greenlight

The Greenlight Press page can keep you up to date with all news that is Greenlight Energy. On this page we discuss press releases, activities and work that are employees and ownership group are doing out in the world. We hope you enjoy the Greenlight Press page and find it informative to stay up to date. This page is a mix of media and articles about Greenlight Energy to help better explain how we are involved in the community and country.

On the Greenlight Press page more about how we are leading the way in green energy for electricity, carbon neutral natural gas and now solar energy.

Steadily expanding through the years, thanks to an ever-growing and faithful base of satisfied customers, Greenlight Energy has sought to create change in this industry, our local communities, and the planet at-large by promoting and offering cost-effective, eco-friendly products and services to change the energy market, and the conversation surrounding it—including no-cost, bill-reducing solar installation; 100% renewable electricity & carbon neutral natural gas fixed rates plans; and energy-saving, cost-cutting LED lighting.