Greenlight Energy with Arbor Day Foundation at Nasdaq

Greenlight Energy & Arbor Day Foundation at Nasdaq

Greenlight Energy and Arbor Day Foundation at Nasdaq.

New York, NY— June 9, 2015—Greenlight Energy, a New York based ESCO (Energy Service Company) that provides cost-effective energy options to businesses and homes in New York, New Jersey and Maryland, is the first ESCO to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to bring the foundation’s EnergySaving Trees program to customers. Energy-Saving Trees is an energy-conservation initiative developed to reduce energy use through strategic tree planting.

The Arbor Day Foundation has partnered with 20 different utility partners in 18 states, with Greenlight Energy designated as its first ESCO (Energy Service Company) partner. The Arbor Day Foundation launched Energy-Saving Trees in 2011 to help conserve energy, reduce peak demand and lower utility bills through strategic tree planting. As of 2014, nearly 80,000 trees have been distributed nationwide, engaging nearly 50,000 homeowners and yielding a projected cumulative environmental impact of 171,397 MwH saved.

The Energy-Saving Trees program supports the planting of trees in specific locations to significantly reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses, thereby reducing carbon emissions from energy plants. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that properly placed trees can reduce energy costs by up to 20 percent.
As part of its launch efforts, Greenlight Energy will offer qualified, new customers a 25 percent rate reduction on energy supply services and a free energy-saving tree to plant. To review your current energy bills or to find out how we can work together to help bring about positive sustainable impact on our environmental protection efforts through 100% renewable energy services, please contact us or gives a call at 1(888)-453-4427 to speak with a representative from Greenlight Energy.

“Our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation on this key initiative is a testament to the organization’s commitment to developing innovative, energy-conservation practices designed to reduce our carbon footprint,”

said Vice President and Co-Founder of Greenlight Energy Michael Hartofilis. “We value conservation organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation that offer ways to help our customers reduce energy use, affect climate change and, ultimately, lower utility bills.”

As a participant in the program, Greenlight Energy will have access to the interactive online tool that uses scientific research and data from the U.S. Forest Service’s i-Tree Software to calculate estimated energy savings benefits over time. Greenlight Energy’s customers will use the online tool to personally map their yard (from satellite imagery) and the software will help them identify the best location for tree planting that will provide the greatest energy and cost savings.

The newly planted trees will eventually mature to help provide summer shade—thus reducing cooling costs—along with winter wind breaks and protection, thus reducing heating costs. The trees also help to improve air quality, reduce storm water runoff and beautify local neighborhoods.

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Abigail Ross Harper SEIA President

Politicians Work for Us and Are as Replaceable as Lightbulbs

President Trump’s budget proposal was recently released, and fears of cuts to renewable energy have been confirmed. Abigail Ross Hopper, President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), issued the following statement: “We were disappointed to see the administration’s proposal to slash programs that promote American-made clean energy. Clean energy research programs have been priorities of both Republican and Democratic administrations and Congresses and the investments have paid off many times over. Renewable energy innovations in rapidly commercializing technologies ranging from inverters, to storage, to advanced infrastructure have vast promise for American industry, as solar energy becomes an increasingly large part of our nation’s energy portfolio. We look forward to working with Congress as it drafts a budget that supports important clean energy programs that create American jobs, advance innovation, and stimulate billions of dollars in private investment.”

According to the Washington Examiner, the budget slashes EPA funding by 31.2%, and reports “the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy would see a 70% budget cut; the Office of Fossil Energy budget would be reduced 54%; the Office of Nuclear Energy budget will decline almost a third.”

These developments, in addition to President Trump’s commitment to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord, signal a stark shift and a clear effort to turn back progress in the energy space. But, don’t fret, politicians work for us and are as replaceable as lightbulbs. And, fortunately, our political system provides checks and balances to ensure that any changes, if they ultimately take hold, are thoroughly debated and reviewed before implementation (i.e. change is hard and takes time—as we in the Green energy space know all too well). So a prudent course forward for energy consumers is two-fold:

  • Take advantage of the robust solar incentives that exist today before they potentially go away. Switch to solar with Greenlight Energy’s no-cost solar installation; see an immediate and significant drop in monthly energy costs; and put your home and family on course to save $30k+ over the next 15-20 years.
  • Make a clear statement with your pocket book that We the People demand clean, cost-effective energy options for our homes, families, and children’s futures. Go solar today.

Request a free custom solar proposal from Greenlight Energy today to see what panels look like on your roof and discover all the money you will save. There is absolutely no commitment required. Take a look and see for yourself.

It’s good for the planet. It’s good for your wallet. That’s the Greenlight Rule.

LIers Bill Hikes

LIers to Face Electric Bill Hikes

Long Islanders are looking at bigger electric bills in 2017, and PSEG Long Island is blaming the hikes on higher fuel costs.

The utility company also says it invested $500 million in energy grid improvements in 2016.

The initial hike was predicted to be around $3.25 a month starting in January, but now officials say it could go up $7.57 a month — more than twice the original hike.


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SolarCircle Referral Program

Greenlight Solar is excited to announce the launch of our SolarCircle Referral Program.  Due to inexpensive, high-efficiency panels, in addition to robust government incentives (smoke em while you got em), it’s clear that now is the best time in history to go solar.  We can install panels on your roof at no cost, and your monthly solar payments are guaranteed to be lower than your current electricity costs.  Solar is officially cleaner and cheaper, and there’s no reason left not to make the switch.

We also realize that not everyone owns a home or has a roof that qualifies for solar, whether due to roof direction, condition, or shading.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be an essential part of the solar revolution, while reaping both its financial and environmental benefits.

With SolarCircle, now you can simply refer a friend, family member, coworker, or anyone else you know who owns their home and might be interested in going solar.  We will send them a free custom solar proposal detailing what panels look like on their roof and all the money they can save.  If they decide to move forward, you will receive a $500 check from Greenlight Solar as soon as their system installs.  It’s as simple as that.  You have nothing to lose, and $500—not to mention a clean, healthy, sustainable planet—to gain.

Welcome to the Green-conomy.  It’s not about extracting precious and limited resources from the ground and pumping them into the air and water, reducing our time and quality of life on this planet while the profits are siphoned into the hands of a privileged few.  This is about promoting health and savings while benefitting everyone involved.

Solar saves homeowners money.  Solar earns referrers money.  Solar heals our common home.

Become a part of the SolarCircle revolution.  It affects us all, and it will take us all to put this planet on a path towards a brighter future.

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Solar Installer Greenlight Energy Greenlight Solar

Only the Best Install for Greenlight Solar

All solar projects require a quality installer.  Within the past few years, we’ve interfaced with a number of installers, both negative and positive, as a result of launching Greenlight Solar. In the aftermath of SunEdison’s demise, we can see how the solar installation process can make a business sink or swim.   A good portion of the time we put into each of our residential and commercial solar installations is making sure we have the best team in place.

Each of our installation partners must pass through a rigorous vetting process before fulfilling any solar projects. Greenlight Energy evaluates potential installers on over a dozen different criteria, including past work, years in business, installations completed, valid contractor licensing, appropriate territory permitting, equipment used, and warranties offered.


Certification is a big qualifier for not only our work but also the installers with whom we partner.  The right certifications can help assure that your solar array is installed carefully, correctly, and up to code. In the U.S. market, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is one of the most reputable certification programs for solar PV and solar heating installers.  It’s a good credential to look for.

Pre-Screened Solar Pro is a new, consumer-driven accreditation. This service signifies an installer has met strict eligibility requirements for years in business. It also looks at whether solar installers have achieved an excellent customer rating, earned a minimum number of independent reviews, and have passed a thorough background check.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another organization that can help reveal a company’s credibility.  The BBB discloses any formal complaints that have been filed against the installer.  We use this qualification method in our work regarding both Energy Supply and Solar.  We have our live A+ credibility record on every page of our website.

Greenlight also goes further to make sure your potential solar installer exhibits the absolute best service during the consultation process.  Our double check provides a good indication of how they’ll handle the total solar project.  We assess their experise, helpfulness, ability to explain technical information in simple terms, level of professionalism, timeliness, and efficiency.

With so many different solar companies out there, navigating the solar installation process is not easy.  As a result of our years of experience in the business, we’ve put a process in place to make sure a new solar system is completed in the most timely and professional manner possible, because we’re aware it directly reflects on us and directly affects our customers.

Get a free solar proposal today!
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Which Solar Financing Option Is Best for Me?

In the world of home improvement and financing, there is a lot of misinformation out there.  Making the switch to solar is no different.  In the past ten years, the solar industry has come a long way in eliminating all of the barriers that once prevented homeowners from making the right choice to go Green while managing their expenses.  Incredible demand and advancements in technology have brought down the cost of solar and have made it a not only a viable but cost-effective option for the vast majority of homeowners.

So which plan is best for you when it comes to paying for your solar panels and installation?

Below are three ways to finance your solar system:


Purchasing your solar system is the best option for homeowners that want to maximize the return on their investment. By owning your system, as opposed to leasing it, you can take full advantage of the financial benefits along with the numerous tax benefits and incentives. With your purchase, you are making the investment upfront to essentially eliminate your utility bill.  For a typical 6.5 kW residential installation, this would mean full system payback in 3 years and $38,000 in 20-year benefits.  For home owners interested in potentially selling their home, installing solar will also significantly increase the value of the property.

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When you don’t have funds available to pay for your system upfront, a solar loan is an easy way to go solar with $0 money down.  There are many options available, but the right loan should provide a lower monthly cost versus your current utility bill. Think of it as replacing your utility bill with the loan payment, achieving guaranteed savings as a result.  At Evergreen Solar, we have handpicked our financial partners to offer this savings guarantee. We calculate your monthly payment based on your solar production, usage history, and utility rate to ensure that you pay less than before.

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PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

For homeowners that want to have 100% of the worry taken off of their hands, a PPA offers the ability to lease your solar system and leave ownership to the installer. PPAs have grown in popularity because of their easy, no hassle application.  By leasing your solar panels, the solar provider fully owns your panels and sells the power produced back to the you at an agreed upon rate.  At Evergreen Solar, our PPA option comes with our Price Protection Guarantee, which guarantees your payments are lower than your current bill and are far below expected utility price increases.

Which Option Do I Go With?

Given all the options available, it’s ultimately up to the homeowner to decide which option is best for them and their family.  It is important to evaluate all three options and weigh the short, mid, and long term savings. Perhaps the best part of going solar, and the reason over 27.4 GW (Giga Watts) were installed in 2015—enough to power over 5.4 Million American homes!—is that it’s not just about saving the planet, which of course is our shared goal; it is the vast financing options and savings opportunities available to each and every solar customer.

Request your free proposal today and see the savings!

Solar Save Money Image

Can Solar Really Save Me Money?

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners looking for ways to cut down on expenses, solar energy is the answer you’ve been looking for.  Homeowners now have highly favorable financing options that have led to over 473,000 installations during 2015.  Residential costs have also dropped 45% since 2010, making it easier than ever to make the switch.

Timing Is Everything

There are two main factors that make switching to Solar a better option now than ever before: state and federal tax credits and the rising costs of utilities. The price of electricity has steadily gone up through the years and is forecasted to continue inflating, according to U.S Energy Information Administration.   However, solar hardware is much less expensive than it was only a few years ago.  Thanks to robust advances in PV solar panel production and government incentives to facilitate this essential energy progress, the cost barriers to going Green have been eliminated.  Solar is now the decisively cheaper option!

How Much Can I Save?

In a recent study by NCCT, customers in America’s 50 largest cities who invest in a 5 kW solar PV system save on average between $44 to $187 per month in their very first year going solar.  As an added bonus, costumers who pay upfront for their systems will see a better return on investment than the stock market over the 25-year average life of the system!  These numbers become very interesting and exciting once you calculate the savings over 5, 10, and even 20 years.

Added to those saving are the state and federal tax incentives. 30% savings from Federal taxes plus additional state tax credits mean you will be paying a fraction of the total system cost.  Deciding which payment option is best for you will determine how much you can save and how soon, and there are a variety of appropriate options for every homeowner.

The Evergreen Solution

To find out exactly how much you can save by switching to solar, request a free proposal from Evergreen Solar today. We utilize 3D mapping technology and your usage history to show you exactly how solar panels will look on your roof and how much money you can save by going Green.  Apply and qualify for $0 upfront installation, hardware, and servicing costs. For a limited time, receive a free NEST thermostat so you can keep track of your solar production and control your home’s energy right from your phone.  Enter discount code NYSUN and request a proposal today!

Long Island Map Image

Greenlight Energy Opens Long Island Office

Having served home and business owners in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania over the last eight years from our offices in Queens, New York, Greenlight Energy is very excited to announce the opening our new Long Island office in Syosset, New York. We continue to grow throughout the Northeast, and this new space will help us provide more direct service to our Long Island customers of Evergreen Solar and various other Green, cost-effective energy products.

With significant business development through the years, benefitting the northeast with 100% Green energy products and services, we aim to grow further still by setting a goal to serve 100,000 customers by 2017.

We have vowed to save our consumers an average of 30% off of their utility bills with clean, Green, renewable solar energy. Our website features a form where customers can request a free custom solar proposal, see what solar panels look like on their roofs, and discover how much money they can save.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide Evergreen solar and cost-effective renewable energy to homes and businesses throughout Long Island and the rest of our service territories in the Northeast, with a fixed eye on unparalleled customer service and strong, steady expansion. We’d like to thank the entire Greenlight Energy family for your ongoing support.

Beat the Heat Family Indoors Air Conditioning Image

Beat The Heat! 3 Reasons to go Solar Before Summer

The summer season is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to prepare your home for the those sweltering temperatures. Well, have you ever considered making the switch to solar power? If not, you really should take a look at these three undeniable reasons to go solar before summer!

1. Stay Cool
The #1 reason you should seriously consider going solar before summer arrives is that you will be able to stay cool and comfortable all day long. Contrary to popular belief, solar power can be used all day long, not only while the sun is up. This is because some of the power is stored away on grids to be used once night falls or when the sun is obstructed.

2. Save Money
Let’s face it. When temperatures rise, so do your electricity bills. Did you know that deciding to go solar can help you save lots of money this summer? It’s totally true! Solar energy is much more affordable that traditional forms of power and vastly more durable. Our Evergreen Solar provides fixed rates for homeowners, and the government provides hefty tax breaks that can put even more money back in your pocket.

See how much you can save.  

3. Save the Environment
Solar energy is both renewable and clean, and it does not produce any harmful emissions like other forms of power. This means it’s much better for the environment and our entire ecosystem. Environmentalists are strong supporters of solar energy, as it has the ability to reduce the amount of harm being done to the earth, thus ensuring a brighter future for everyone.

Solar energy is cleaner, safer, and all around more reliable than fossil fuels. Find out how much it can save you today by visiting Evergreen Solar!

Greenlight In Pennsylvania Featured Image

Greenlight in Pennsylvania

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.”

Greenlight Energy is excited to announce our recent expansion of Solar Installation, Renewable Electricity, and Carbon Neutral Natural Gas supply services into Pennsylvania!  Now in our seventh year of serving the northeast with 100% Green energy and products, we continue our growth and further our goal of serving 100,000 customers by 2017!

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We have worked with our professional installers to service and save our customers an average of 30% off of their utility bill by switching to solar.  Our quick two step proposal makes it easy to see if your home qualifies.

We are also excited to expand our Top Tier Agent Program in order to keep spreading the word about the benefits of going Green. We’ve partnered with local businesses, CPAs, lawyers, real estate agents, and anyone who’s ready to lead their clients and community towards a Green future.

We’re grateful to enter this market and look forward to the opportunity to provide clean, Green, cost-effective renewable energy to homes and businesses throughout the great state of Pennsylvania.

See if your home qualifies for our services.