Greenlight Energy with Arbor Day Foundation at Nasdaq

Greenlight Energy & Arbor Day Foundation at Nasdaq

Greenlight Energy and Arbor Day Foundation at Nasdaq.

New York, NY— June 9, 2015—Greenlight Energy, a New York based ESCO (Energy Service Company) that provides cost-effective energy options to businesses and homes in New York, New Jersey and Maryland, is the first ESCO to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to bring the foundation’s EnergySaving Trees program to customers. Energy-Saving Trees is an energy-conservation initiative developed to reduce energy use through strategic tree planting.

The Arbor Day Foundation has partnered with 20 different utility partners in 18 states, with Greenlight Energy designated as its first ESCO (Energy Service Company) partner. The Arbor Day Foundation launched Energy-Saving Trees in 2011 to help conserve energy, reduce peak demand and lower utility bills through strategic tree planting. As of 2014, nearly 80,000 trees have been distributed nationwide, engaging nearly 50,000 homeowners and yielding a projected cumulative environmental impact of 171,397 MwH saved.

The Energy-Saving Trees program supports the planting of trees in specific locations to significantly reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses, thereby reducing carbon emissions from energy plants. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that properly placed trees can reduce energy costs by up to 20 percent.
As part of its launch efforts, Greenlight Energy will offer qualified, new customers a 25 percent rate reduction on energy supply services and a free energy-saving tree to plant. To review your current energy bills or to find out how we can work together to help bring about positive sustainable impact on our environmental protection efforts through 100% renewable energy services, please contact us or gives a call at 1(888)-453-4427 to speak with a representative from Greenlight Energy.

“Our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation on this key initiative is a testament to the organization’s commitment to developing innovative, energy-conservation practices designed to reduce our carbon footprint,”

said Vice President and Co-Founder of Greenlight Energy Michael Hartofilis. “We value conservation organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation that offer ways to help our customers reduce energy use, affect climate change and, ultimately, lower utility bills.”

As a participant in the program, Greenlight Energy will have access to the interactive online tool that uses scientific research and data from the U.S. Forest Service’s i-Tree Software to calculate estimated energy savings benefits over time. Greenlight Energy’s customers will use the online tool to personally map their yard (from satellite imagery) and the software will help them identify the best location for tree planting that will provide the greatest energy and cost savings.

The newly planted trees will eventually mature to help provide summer shade—thus reducing cooling costs—along with winter wind breaks and protection, thus reducing heating costs. The trees also help to improve air quality, reduce storm water runoff and beautify local neighborhoods.

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Greenlight In Pennsylvania Featured Image

Greenlight in Pennsylvania

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.”

Greenlight Energy is excited to announce our recent expansion of Solar Installation, Renewable Electricity, and Carbon Neutral Natural Gas supply services into Pennsylvania!  Now in our seventh year of serving the northeast with 100% Green energy and products, we continue our growth and further our goal of serving 100,000 customers by 2017!

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We have worked with our professional installers to service and save our customers an average of 30% off of their utility bill by switching to solar.  Our quick two step proposal makes it easy to see if your home qualifies.

We are also excited to expand our Top Tier Agent Program in order to keep spreading the word about the benefits of going Green. We’ve partnered with local businesses, CPAs, lawyers, real estate agents, and anyone who’s ready to lead their clients and community towards a Green future.

We’re grateful to enter this market and look forward to the opportunity to provide clean, Green, cost-effective renewable energy to homes and businesses throughout the great state of Pennsylvania.

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Greenlight Energy Team Tree Planting Randall's Island

Greenlight Gives: Dig It

Greenlight Energy celebrated America Recycles Day on November 13 by planting nearly 400 trees in the Sunken Meadow Loop in Randall’s Island Park. We’d like to thank the NYC Parks Department, the New York Tree Trust, Danita King of PR Noir, and the entire Greenlight staff for making the event such a wonderful experience and smashing success. We look forward to revisiting these trees and watching them grow for years to come! Here are some photos of the special day.

Greenlight Gives Dig It
Greenlight Energy Randall's Island

Greenlight Energy Celebrates America Recycles Day With Tree Donation Event on Randall’s Island

To celebrate America Recycles Day, Greenlight Energy, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and New York Tree Trust, is donating 400 trees to New York City parks on Randall’s Island. Our entire team will be planting trees starting at 10am on Friday, November 13 to beautify our parks, generate oxygen, and offset carbon emissions. Please join us in Greening up our local community. In addition to the trees, we’ll be providing free T-shirts, coffee, donuts, and plenty of laughs!

November 13, 2015

1 Randall’s Island Park
New York, NY 10035

RSVP (if possible)

For those driving, parking can be found along the Sunken Meadow Loop, which surrounds the Sunken Meadow Baseball Fields next to the John McEnroe Tennis Academy. Once parked, follow the Sunken Meadow loop around to the meetup site at the top (North) of the loop back towards Central Rd. and the pedestrian pathway to the Bronx. Several Greenlight Energy tents will be located near the site.