LIers Bill Hikes

LIers to Face Electric Bill Hikes

Long Islanders are looking at bigger electric bills in 2017, and PSEG Long Island is blaming the hikes on higher fuel costs.

The utility company also says it invested $500 million in energy grid improvements in 2016.

The initial hike was predicted to be around $3.25 a month starting in January, but now officials say it could go up $7.57 a month — more than twice the original hike.


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SolarCircle Referral Program

Greenlight Solar is excited to announce the launch of our SolarCircle Referral Program.  Due to inexpensive, high-efficiency panels, in addition to robust government incentives (smoke em while you got em), it’s clear that now is the best time in history to go solar.  We can install panels on your roof at no cost, and your monthly solar payments are guaranteed to be lower than your current electricity costs.  Solar is officially cleaner and cheaper, and there’s no reason left not to make the switch.

We also realize that not everyone owns a home or has a roof that qualifies for solar, whether due to roof direction, condition, or shading.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be an essential part of the solar revolution, while reaping both its financial and environmental benefits.

With SolarCircle, now you can simply refer a friend, family member, coworker, or anyone else you know who owns their home and might be interested in going solar.  We will send them a free custom solar proposal detailing what panels look like on their roof and all the money they can save.  If they decide to move forward, you will receive a $500 check from Greenlight Solar as soon as their system installs.  It’s as simple as that.  You have nothing to lose, and $500—not to mention a clean, healthy, sustainable planet—to gain.

Welcome to the Green-conomy.  It’s not about extracting precious and limited resources from the ground and pumping them into the air and water, reducing our time and quality of life on this planet while the profits are siphoned into the hands of a privileged few.  This is about promoting health and savings while benefitting everyone involved.

Solar saves homeowners money.  Solar earns referrers money.  Solar heals our common home.

Become a part of the SolarCircle revolution.  It affects us all, and it will take us all to put this planet on a path towards a brighter future.

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Tax Abatement 2019 Governor Cuomo

Tax Abatement to 2019

Governor Cuomo signed legislation that will extend the solar property tax abatement until 2019. This wonderful news from Albany hit the Greenlight office yesterday, and we are loving the fact that NY State is saying yes to a solar-powered future.

This is also great news for our customers as the State of New York is reaffirming their belief that solar the way to power its citizens.

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New York Energy & Finance Chairman Richard Kauffman said, “I’m thrilled to see Long Island demonstrate what is possible through Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy to democratize the production of power and make clean, resilient energy affordable for all New Yorkers. The growth of solar on Long Island is a testament to the role of New York State in building a self-sustaining solar industry to support job growth and protect the environment.”

Studies have indicated Long Island avoids 200,000 tons of carbon emissions annually as a result of all the homes and businesses that have gone solar.

In a previous post, we discussed the possible termination of the tax abatement by the end of the year. This brings renewed confidence to what we’re doing at Greenlight, and we are more inspired than ever to continue to deliver cost-effective, high-quality Green products and services to our customers.

To learn more about the tax abatement, please, read here →

Cost of Solar Going Down

Cost of Solar Going Down

We’ve heard a lot lately about the cost of solar going down. We’ve also seen it first-hand. Last week I read a article discussing how in the last five months alone the price has come down nearly 25% for solar hardware and installation.

At Greenlight, we find that the number one reason our customers look at and install solar systems is the economics. The article I tweeted out to the world discussed global costs going down. This will only translate into more savings for our customers in the long run. Pair that with the tax credits and government incentives, and it really does make sense now more than ever to go solar.

“It seems that we have truly entered a new era in energy production—in renewable energy production, that is. Over the past few months, the cost of solar power has plummeted, and it seems that things are going to stay this way…there’s no reason why the cost of solar will ever increase again,” former Masdar Clean Energy director Frank Wouters noted in a recent interview with Electrek. If governments and innovators continue to invest in these energy sources the way that they have been, Wouters statements are easy to believe.

In just 5 months, prices have dropped some 25%. This development is shown in the recent, and staggeringly low, construction bids on solar projects in China ($0.46/W for 500MW of solar power) and Dubai ($0.023/kWh for 1.2GW of solar power).

Several factors have driven these relatively inexpensive bids. In China, solar power is incentivized. To that end, decreasing hardware prices have largely fueled the drastic drop—solar panel costs, for instance, have declined remarkably since the first quarter of this year. And in Abu Dhabi, solar panels produce more power than usual because the city enjoys some of the best sunlight exposure in the world.

We can take a look at the long term approach to our supply customers as well. With the cost of solar on the whole going down, this savings will likely also funnel to our renewable electricity consumers. In Nevada, a 100MW solar project is expected to deliver electricity at $0.04/kWh. Chile and India are also experiencing similar efficiency.

The key is now to make sure the grid itself can distribute and store this cheap and limitless power. We look forward to continuing to see great changes and benefits for all of our Greenlight Energy customers.

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Greenlight Energy Opens Long Island Office

Having served home and business owners in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania over the last eight years from our offices in Queens, New York, Greenlight Energy is very excited to announce the opening our new Long Island office in Syosset, New York. We continue to grow throughout the Northeast, and this new space will help us provide more direct service to our Long Island customers of Evergreen Solar and various other Green, cost-effective energy products.

With significant business development through the years, benefitting the northeast with 100% Green energy products and services, we aim to grow further still by setting a goal to serve 100,000 customers by 2017.

We have vowed to save our consumers an average of 30% off of their utility bills with clean, Green, renewable solar energy. Our website features a form where customers can request a free custom solar proposal, see what solar panels look like on their roofs, and discover how much money they can save.

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We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide Evergreen solar and cost-effective renewable energy to homes and businesses throughout Long Island and the rest of our service territories in the Northeast, with a fixed eye on unparalleled customer service and strong, steady expansion. We’d like to thank the entire Greenlight Energy family for your ongoing support.