Top Tier Agent Program

Greenlight Energy is always seeking opportunities to grow our sales force to offer our cost-effective, eco-friendly suite of products to more customers in order to save them money, heal our planet, and brighten our collective future, all while boosting local economies and incomes by allowing others to share in the great work we’re proud to do.

Our Top Tier Agent Program is just what it sounds like: we’re putting partner agents and businesses on the Top Tier from day one, with one of the most favorable sales and referral commission rates in this or any industry. When you sell Greenlight products or services, you make money. The bigger the product and/or account, the more you earn. If it’s an energy account (100% renewably electricity or carbon neutral natural gas), that’s residual earnings, meaning you get paid monthly, in perpetuity, as long as we continue to provide the customer’s energy supply. If you sell solar, that’s a big ticket. If you refer others to sell for us, you’ll make a referral commission on all of their sales, building a team and growing your income that much more.

We’ll provide you with access to our custom Agent Portal, where you can find a variety of helpful sales tools, stay abreast of energy rates in various service areas, monitor your accounts and referred agents, and track your growing earnings.

You may be aware of different Agent Programs in this industry or others. We’d like to illustrate the vast advantages of ours by outlining the differences:

  • This Agent Program is 100% transparent, simple, straightforward, and productivity driven.
  • There are no barriers to entry.
  • There are no benchmarks or tiers to achieve earnings.
  • We’re giving you the most favorable sales and referral commissions we can offer, and we will constantly gauge the market to continue to do so.
  • You are not required to pay to become part of this program (yes, this actually occurs within one of the biggest agent programs in the industry). The idea is: we’ll pay you.
  • At no cost, we will provide you with all of the documents, tools, and training that you require.
  • Our products are offered as no-cost opportunities to get 100% clean, Green, renewable energy, offset carbon emissions, stabilize and/or reduce energy usage & billing, and generate solar energy in order to significantly lower your bills and heal our planet.
  • There is no limit on the income you can earn. Your earnings potential is entirely dependent upon sales made and/or agents referred, i.e. production.
  • We’re not promising millions in earnings as a result of sitting on your couch.
  • You’re not collecting checks as a result of everyone’s effort but your own.
  • This is not a pyramid scheme.
  • This is a launching pad.
  • If you want to earn uncapped income by offering people products that can save money, energy, and our planet, all while providing others the chance to do the same, this is your opportunity.
  •  It’s good for the planet.  It’s good for your wallet.  THAT’S THE GREENLIGHT RULE.

Just fill in the form below, and we’ll contact you with a contract detailing our terms, your earnings, Agent Portal information, and any other support you require.

Welcome to the Greenlight Energy family!