Greenlight Energy Opens Long Island Office

Long Island Map Image

Having served home and business owners in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania over the last eight years from our offices in Queens, New York, Greenlight Energy is very excited to announce the opening our new Long Island office in Syosset, New York. We continue to grow throughout the Northeast, and this new space will help us provide more direct service to our Long Island customers of Evergreen Solar and various other Green, cost-effective energy products.

With significant business development through the years, benefitting the northeast with 100% Green energy products and services, we aim to grow further still by setting a goal to serve 100,000 customers by 2017.

We have vowed to save our consumers an average of 30% off of their utility bills with clean, Green, renewable solar energy. Our website features a form where customers can request a free custom solar proposal, see what solar panels look like on their roofs, and discover how much money they can save.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide Evergreen solar and cost-effective renewable energy to homes and businesses throughout Long Island and the rest of our service territories in the Northeast, with a fixed eye on unparalleled customer service and strong, steady expansion. We’d like to thank the entire Greenlight Energy family for your ongoing support.