Greenlight Energy LED Lighting (Free with Solar Plan)

LED Lighting

With maximum efficiency LED lighting, your home or business is guaranteed to use less and save more. It’s good for the planet.  It’s good for your wallet.  That’s the Greenlight Rule.


Use less electricity with new, cost-effective, eco-friendly LED lights that don’t waste energy with outdated technologies.


See an immediate and lasting decrease in your energy billing as a result of maximum lighting efficiency and minimum energy waste.


With a custom pricing plans, our expert LED partner can retrofit your home or business with LED lights at no cost, financing the installation and hardware through the savings in your energy billing.

Greenlight Energy LED Lighting (Free with Solar Plan) . Greenlight Energy is proud to offer no-cost solar installation services, ensuring a guaranteed reduction on your electricity rates throughout our contract term. We’ll even throw in a complimentary LED lighting retrofit, lowering your energy costs even further. It’s good for the planet. It’s good for your wallet. That’s the Greenlight Rule.