Massachusetts Solar Benefits Coming to End Before Long Term Changes

In March, Massachusetts officials said they would extend the state’s Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC 2) program until it develops and finalizes a long-term replacement.  The SREC 2 program is now closed for new projects, however DOER is still accepting new projects under a “good cause” extension.

Long story short: SRECs in Massachusetts are estimated to run out in three months. Take advantage of this highly favorable rebate now with Greenlight Solar for your home.

Latest Greenlight Solar Installation in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Customer Success Story SREC gogreenlightenergy.comOur latest installation is a 8.37 KW system in Westborough Massachusetts.

Because of the value of SRECs the total net cost for the customer was NEGATIVE $6,334, meaning the State of Massachusetts paid our customer to go solar. The total monthly saving is $154 from energy bill.