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Greenlight Energy is proud to offer Greenlight Solar: a no-cost solar hardware, installation, and financing product. Greenlight Solar ensures a guaranteed reduction in your electricity billing versus local utility rates for clean, Green, renewable solar energy. Complete the form below to receive your free custom solar proposal. Benefits of going Green with Greenlight Solar. NO MONEY DOWN Experience immediate month-to-month savings via no money down and a guaranteed lower solar rate versus the electricity rate of your local utility. OWN YOUR SOLAR PANELS Escape lifelong payments and become your own utility by owning your panels and generating your very own solar energy. LOWER YOUR BILL Monthly bills are guaranteed to be lower than your current utility rate–and fixed, as opposed to the ever-unpredictable and escalating utility rate. Know what you’re paying for a change. There’s no reason left not to make the switch. TAX INCENTIVES Earn sizable state and federal tax credits/rebates that make Greenlight Solar a win-win. Doing the right thing just got a whole lot easier. REST EASY Consistent and reliable performance is fully guaranteed. State-of-the-art-hardware is fully warrantied. It’s time to take your family’s energy future, and that of our planet, into your own hands. HEAL OUR PLANET Ensure a brighter future for our families and shared planet with clean, Green, renewable solar energy. Government monopolies won’t get us there. It’s time for us to save ourselves.

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