Lock in your electricity rates for terms of one or two years.

  • Price Protection: Avoid volatile rates caused by supply/demand fluctuation, unpredictable weather patterns, shifting access to resources, and a number of other variables.
  • Effective Budgeting: Know how much your home or business can expect to pay every month on energy costs. There are fixed rates associated with all of your other monthly bills (mobile, cable, rent, mortgage, insurance, etc.). Why shouldn’t energy be the same?
  • Peace of Mind: Whether you’re a home or business owner, knowing what you’re going to pay is essential to financial health, allowing you to better care for family members or employees and be more prepared for the myriad other factors out of your control.


Nothing changes but the increased financial security and environmental benefits.

  • In many cases, our Electricity Fixed Rates—in addition to the obvious price protection and environmental advantages—are lower than the rates of local Utilities and other Energy Companies not offering renewable electricity. So given the choice…well, is there really a choice?
  • Same Energy Bill, Service, and Maintenance from Your Local Utility Company
Greenlight Energy 100% Renewable Green Electricity