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Greenlight Energy, a family-owned Green Energy Company based in Astoria, New York, was founded by Michael Hartofilis in 2009 in an effort to provide consumers with more options in their energy supply and billing. As in any industry, when customers are given choices, higher quality products and more competitive pricing results. Steadily expanding through the years, thanks to an ever-growing and faithful base of satisfied customers, Greenlight Energy has sought to create change in this industry, our local communities, and the planet at-large by promoting and offering cost-effective, eco-friendly products and services to change the energy market, and the conversation surrounding it—including no-cost, bill-reducing solar installation; 100% renewable electricity & carbon neutral natural gas fixed rates plans; and energy-saving, cost-cutting LED lighting. Today, we gratefully find ourselves in a culture that champions these products and services. From our foremost political to religious to artistic leaders, we feel the winds of change at our backs, and we plan to do everything in our power to not only ride the wave of Green, clean, renewable technologies, but to drive progress for the benefit of our customers, families, and shared future. We will tirelessly continue to explore products, services, and partnerships to advance this ongoing mission. We hope you’ll join us. Go Greenlight Energy!